City of Kenora

The City of Kenora, Ontario needed to have their water main replaced.  As the town is sitting on mostly rock, the solution was to run the pipe around the town at the bottom of the lake and attaching to existing services on land.  We were contracted to fuse the almost 3 km of pipe to be placed and sunk after we were done our fusing.  Galcon Marine Ltd. (  was the General contractor on this job, they were very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Sydney Tar Ponds

General Contractor: McNally Construction
Owner: Sydney Tar Ponds Agency

Toronto Bendale Park Bypass

The City of Toronto had a problem with a concrete sanitary sewer eroding and slowly collapsing creating a sink hole in a park in Scarborough that also ran adjacent to a natural stream. The solution was to by-pass the failing part of the sewer while the general contractor Capital Sewer ( could rehabilitate the broken section. A temporary hole was dug upstream from the broken section and five 12″ pumps ensured no sewage could pass that point. The sewage was then pumped through five 12″ lines 900′ downstream to an existing manhole.