About Us

Kirk Roberts is essentially the team leader for CustomPolyFab. His ability to think fast and accurately combined with his background in engineering plus his extensive field service record ( Kirk has many commendations from contractors ) make him a natural team leader. He is first in line to be on the road in any capacity, converses intelligently with clients and has the ability to explain in easy to understand terms what they will require to do the job properly. He is used to going with little notice to assist a customer that needs help. He has also worked at a polyethylene pipe manufacturing plant and fully understands the properties and capabilities of the product. The company he worked for soon realized his potential and promoted him to shift leader in charge of personnel and 10 extruders shortly after he was hired. Kirk has also worked in the fittings manufacturing division of this company and was referred to as the go to guy for employees that were struggling to understand drawings or trying to calculate angles required in fittings manufacture.

Rod RobertsRod Roberts has travelled extensively as a field service technician (Indonesia, New Guinea, Mexico, South America, Dominican Republic and most states in the United States ) for 30 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. Before travelling he was the fittings and field service supervisor at a high density polyethylene manufacturing plant for 5 years as well as working on the pipe production division before that. He also has a one year course at Georgian College in Micro Computer Maintenance and Support that lends nicely to keeping our computers up to date and functioning properly.